Family of drowning victim says there have been one too many drownings, and something must be done

SHARPTOWN, Md. – John Davis, like many others lost his life at Cherry Beach Park, a family outing turned into a tragedy. Now his family wants to make sure no one else has to go through this.

At Cherry Beach Park, it’s home to events like family reunions and barbecues. However, over the past few years it’s also been home to a few tragic drowning’s. After a families recent loss, they’re trying to change swimming regulations from “swim at your own risk,” to “no swimming” at all. “This is very tragic for my cousin, something needs to be done,” says Conscance Cherry, cousin of John Davis. Davis’s sister, and aunt to Davis’s son, Shernell Perry adds, “My nephew shouldn’t be in there making funeral arrangements for his father when it shouldn’t have been any swimming at all.”

Cherry Beach Park, a recreational park in Sharptown, Maryland allows for families to fish, boat, and swim. However, Davis’s family says there have been one too many drowning’s, and the “swim at your own risk signs” aren’t enough.” That’s like me telling a baby don’t get that lollipop off the ground and then turn my back that baby is going to get that lollipop,” says Perry.

As Davis’s son Rashawn makes funeral arrangements, his family says he’s no stranger to loss. A few years ago, he lost his mother making this situation a child’s worst nightmare. “How many losses it going to take for the state of Maryland or Wicomico county to stand up and do something to prevent this from happening to another family,” says Cherry.

The family tells us, officials at the site allegedly mentioned the swimming conditions and how people shouldn’t be allowed to swim. However, we reached out to Sharptown parks and recreations but have yet to get back with us. However, the family says they won’t stop until something is done. “No one should have to go to a family gathering leaving a family member behind in the water,” says Cherry. Perry adds, “Today we’re here, next month somebody else’s family could be here and it needs to stop, it needs to stop.”

The family also tells 47 ABC, they’re heartbroken at their loss but it may have to be the final step in changing swimming regulations at the park.

Now there is one sign at the park that says “no swimming,” however, the website and other signs say “swim at your own risk.” According to Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources, the park is in Wicomico county’s jurisdiction. Which means only they would have that authority to restrict swimming access. However there is no word as to if something will be done about this.

Perry also says, she hopes to put together a petition to change the swimming regulations at the park.

Friday, June 25th at 6 p.m., the family will be holding a vigil at Cherry Beach Park in John Davis’s memory, and to continue bringing awareness to the swimming conditions.

There is a go fund me page to help the family’s funeral expenses, click here to donate.

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