ECI inmates giving back to people in need with harvested produce

WESTOVER, Md.- Inmates at The Eastern Correctional Institute are paying it forward by donating 764 pounds of produce early Thursday to the Somerset Health Department.

We are told this is the first harvested produce of the season from three inmate tended gardens.

The health department picked up the produce and it will go to those who need it most.

We’re told it really takes all hands on deck to make this partnership happen and shows what the facility is really able to do when working together.

“This is just a shining moment where we are beginning to get back to normal and what is capable, what we are capable of as a department of doing,” Robert Green, the Secretary of MD Dept of Public Safety and Correctional Services, said. “It’s the type of vegetables and things that families need for the health and welfare of their children and that can be really expensive, inside some of our stores.”

We are told this is the biggest first load harvest ever they have had in their seven years of doing this.

They will continue to do this harvest weekly until October.

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