Doctors warn people to remain cautious after mask restrictions lifted

DELMARVA – As we step into the next phase of the pandemic, unmasking, the next concern is how will this affect our immune systems?

According to a local medical professional, the masks and social distancing made a big difference this past year. Winter sicknesses and viruses were at an all time* low. Doctors say, it’s because we didn’t get exposed to these viruses the way we normally do, however now with masks off, the question remains, what’s next for us?

We’re told, the summer doesn’t bring on as many illnesses, but come winter time, doctors say we should be more careful. A Salisbury health professional tells 47 ABC, right now we are more susceptible to common colds. “We can’t entirely let our guard down over this whether we’re talking about COVID or we even talking about some of the more common cold viruses that we normally see during the winter,” says Dr. James Trumble, Vice President of Clinical Integration for the Salisbury-based health system. He adds, “Be conscious, it really comes back to what we originally said last year, be thoughtful about your fellow man or fellow woman.”

Dr. Trumble also tells us, with other variants of the coronavirus, even if you are completely vaccinated COVID-19 is not off the hook. He says we need to get back to normal, very carefully especially in the colder months.

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