Dockshare: New platform connecting boaters with private dock owners

MARYLAND- Husband and wife, Nate and Gina Young, grew up in families with access to boats.

And still to this day, the couple who own an Ocean Pines home, are water enthusiasts.

But they’ve faced a problem when taking out their boat.

“You know we always have these grand ideas about where we want to go and what we want to do, but it seems like there is never a guarantee that when you show up, a dock will be available,” Nate Young, co-founder, said.

That inspired them to come up with the idea, Dockshare.

The online platform connects people with private dock owners to rent their docks.

We’re told boaters sometimes have to plan in advance and rely on other sources to access private dock rentals.

This solves that problem.

“Well, we are helpers so we feel like this is a need based app and we like sharing everything that we have and it’s a way to have other people share, in a way that they never thought of before,” Gina Young, co-founder, said.

“The dock listers can choose the length of time their willing to rent their dock, they can choose dates, the times, that can be done by the hour, by the week, by the season,” Nate, said.

They said this gives owners a chance to put some money in their wallets and give people more access to places.

“We do hope that it helps connect neighbors, to other people that they didn’t know before and to just let them take adventures, and explore more,” Gina said.

The owners told us while they are just getting the word out about Dockshare, they know the need is there, especially going into these warmer months.

“We’ve seen a huge uptick in activity on Dockshare’s site, but generally with this time of year its the time to get out on the water, so boat sales have been up about 20 to 30 percent from 2020 from 2021,” Nate said.

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