Bill tackling direct wine shipping ban in DE

   DELAWARE.- You can get food and even prescriptions shipped right to your front door. Now, Delaware lawmakers want to add another item to that list: Wine.

Currently, Delaware is one of three states that bans all direct wine shipping to consumers, something that lawmakers say have Delawareans talking. “It doesn’t matter what neighborhood I go to, the biggest thing that people want to talk about is why can’t I get my favorite wine from my favorite Vineyard to my house,” said Rep. Michael Smith.

House Bill 210 would allow wine producers holding a license in state to ship wine directly to customers. We’re told bordering states like Maryland who passed similar legislation are seeing it’s positive impacts.

Local business owners say this would be a good move to put more money back in the first state. “The state of Delaware is not collecting that excise tax. So if you think about that that’s somewhere around $5 a case that the states gets that they’re not getting right now. But if they just legalize this they’re going to their licensing fees and they’re going to get roughly $5 a case,” said Mobilia.

Owner of Salted Vines Winery, Adrian Mobilia, adds that most push back has come from retail liquor stores and distributors. “Right now the distributors make a profit on every ounce of alcohol that comes in and goes out of the state which is how the 3 tier systems is set up. This would circumvent that. So they wouldn’t be able to make a profit off money coming in,” said Mobilia.

Despite being on the table for over two decades, lawmakers continue to push for this legislation. “Its a consumer friendly bill. I like consumer friendly bills because it has everything to do with me, you, and our neighbors and not necessarily the big corporations,” said Rep. Smith.

The bill would also limits shipment to a single household to 3-9 liter cases a year and 1,800 9 liter cases annually for the state. A signature from someone who is 21 or older is also required for delivery.


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