Bill tackles eviction crisis in DE


DELAWARE.-  Lawmakers are tackling the eviction crisis in the state.

Under current law,  there is no minimum amount due before landlords can take legal action against tenants.

Data by the University of Delaware’s Biden School of Public Policy found that 14 tenants in Delaware are evicted from their homes on an average day, 2% higher than the national average.

Senate Bill 101 would provide tenants with counsel and establish a diversion program resolving issues before taking matters to court.

We’re told cases have been brought to court for matters less than $10, which becomes a hassle because most tenants cant afford legal counsel.

Lawmakers say legislation like this will bring comfort to Delawareans and is a crucial step towards stable housing.

“So it’s much better to try and make sure that there are minimal arrears, people have counsel, and that everyone has stability,” said Senator Bryan Townsend.  “If you want a stable community you have to have stable housing for that community and that’s what this bill really gets at.”

This legislation would also establish that rental matters can’t be brought to court for any less than 500 dollars or one month’s rent.

Senate Bill 101 now heads to the House  where it will be voted on next Wednesday.

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