Bill requiring recordings of interrogations pushes for transparency for DE law enforcement


DELAWARE.- In Delaware,  lawmakers continue their police reform efforts with more legislation to increase transparency and accountability for law enforcement.

The Minor-Brown Bill would require law enforcement to record custodial interrogations when a suspect is in question.

The bill is part of the Legislative Black Caucus’ Justice for All Agenda, addressing racial injustices and police brutality.

Legislators say that too often there are questions about what actually goes on in these rooms and this legislation can help prevent wrongful convictions and also enhance public trust in the just system.

Advocates not all police reform legislation is negative and could shed light on some positives. “People think that when you talk about police reform its to shine a flashlight and be like hey there doing everything wrong, but if you look at it on the other end it could show us that police departments are doing things the right way so how can we enhance it,” said Policy & Advocacy Director of ACLU Delaware Javonne Rich.

Under House Bill 215, there would be limited exceptions to this rule including a person refusing to be recorded,  if recordings would reveal confidential identities, or jeopardize the safety of any officer or other individual involved.

Advocates add that legislation like this is important but the implementation and oversight are just as important.

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