Amazon facility gets approved for final site plan

SEAFORD, Del.- In Seaford,  the Amazon facility is one step closer to opening their doors.

Mayor David Genshaw said at the last city council meeting they approved the final site plan for the facility.

That involves plans for drainage and parking spaces.

There’s going to be 153 parking spots for the company equipment and 535 spots for employees.

They also said they expect construction to start within the next 4 months.

“The developer and really amazon themselves will be doing the work internally on the building they’ll go through that, at some point we hope to partner up with Amazon to help promote what jobs they need so that we can get that out to our community, certainly people are contacting us as the city saying how do I apply for jobs,” Mayor Genshaw said.

Mayor Genshaw added that they expect a lot of traffic will come out of this facility when it opens.

However, since that will be on a state maintained road, any traffic studies or changes will be done by the state.

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