The late Cpl. Heacook escorted home, and welcomed with Delmar pride

DELMAR, Md. – Community members from all over Delaware gathered on Sunday afternoon to not only honor Corporal Keith Heacook, but to welcome him home for his final ride. Escorted by law enforcement, and loved ones, Cpl. Keith Heacook’s remains left Baltimore around two p.m., and they arrived in Delmar just before five p.m.

From route 404 in Baltimore, all the way to Shorts Funeral Home in Delmar, community members stood by and welcomed the late Cpl. Heacook. “And to know Cpl. Heacook made such an impact, that was just the kind of man that he was,” says community member and Delmar resident, Kennedy Wilson.

After Cpl. Heacook’s horrific assault back on April 25th, he was left fighting for his life. Just a few days later, Cpl. Heacook was pronounced clinically deceased.
Community members worked tirelessly to raise money for his family, and eventually welcome him home, turning the tragic loss into a sign of hope for the community. “Right down from the jeep event yesterday, to the softball tournament, I think we’re showing that this town can make an impact together,” says Wilson.

Many community members at the event tell us, seeing the outpouring of love and support is incredible. They say, Delmar has always been known as the little town too big for one state. The quick and overwhelming show of support, just proves that maybe it’s Delmar’s heart, that is too big for one state. “It’s more than just football, it’s more than great schools, it’s a community coming together no matter what the need is,” says Wilson. She adds “It’s such a blessing to be a part of a town that in times of mourning they come closer together rather than dividing themselves apart.”

Community members also tell 47 ABC, although Cpl. Heacook’s homecoming was bitter sweet, seeing the love and support from the community coming together for Cpl. Heacook, could put a smile on anyone’s face.

There will be more events and fundraiser’s to benefit Cpl. Heacook’s family. If you want to find out how you can help, just visit ‘The community for Corporal Keith Heacook’ Facebook.

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