The community says goodbye to Cpl. Heacook at a memorable service

SALISBURY, Md. – Monday morning, hundreds of law enforcement officers, community members and loved ones came together to say their final goodbye to their fallen brother, Delmar Corporal Keith Heacook. “Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it, it’s true,” says Corporal Kevin McCahill, who spoke on behalf of the Delmar Police Department.

The day was not just about saying goodbye, but a day to share the memories of Cpl. Heacook and everything he did for the community, even if that was just being a friend. “He was just a fun loving family guy, believed in God and wasn’t afraid to tell ya,” says Delmar resident and friend of Cpl. Heacook, Flora Handy.

Those in the Delmar community tell us, Cpl. Heacook was more than just an officer, he was a friend, a father, a husband, a brother, and son. We’re told he wasn’t afraid to help anyone whether he was in uniform or not. “He really stepped up, put the badge away and showed me his heart, not just his badge,” says Handy.

Between Governors from both Delaware and Maryland, dozens of police department and first responders from all the way in New Castle to Prince George’s County, each eye was filled with sadness as they said goodbye to a fallen hero. One Delmar resident, LeeAnn Hagaman says, “I can’t imagine what the police officers are going through that are here today because it makes it real that this can happen.”

Delmar Residents and friends of Cpl. Heacook all say the same thing, he will be greatly missed. However, they also tell us, they don’t want to see something like this happen again. “He was true and true, true to the heart and it’s a shame,” says Hagaman. “I hope that this will invoke change because we need it,” adds Handy.

Cpl. Heacook was escorted back to short’s funeral home after the funeral.

There are many fundraisers in the works for Cpl. Heacook’s son Matthew, his family, as well as the other victims of the attack. We will post updates and fundraiser announcements on our website.

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