The Brightside: Home of the Brave serving veterans

MILFORD, Del. –  One organization in Milford spends each and every day serving those who served our country, despite the struggles brought on by the pandemic.

“If you take a second to look around, you will see that there are a lot of homeless out there, and a lot of those homeless folks are veterans,” Jessica Finan said.

Finan is one of the people that helps those homeless veterans in Delaware every single day. She’s the Executive Director of Home of the Brave.

“Home of the Brave is a nonprofit, we are conditional housing for homeless veterans,” she explained.

They’re based in Milford, but serve veterans from across Delmarva. And while they put a roof over homeless veterans heads, the organization does so much more.

“We provide transportation, food, linkages to outside resources through the VA, through local doctors, resume building, job skills, all of those things, so we can eventually exit them out into their own permanent supportive housing,” Finan said.

Finan says their work is especially important in the area they serve, as the homeless veteran population is high but often not seen.

“We’re not a big metropolis like Wilmington that you can see the homeless on the street, they’re kind of hidden,” she explained.

But to do the work they do, Finan says they rely on community support, something that fell off during the pandemic.

“Obviously we’re still here, we’re doing well because of some grants we’ve received to help us stay afloat through the pandemic, but our donations from individuals, churches, and organizations fell off steeply in 2020, as to be expected,” she said.

But no matter what challenges come, Finan says they’ll work hard to support homeless veterans who gave so much to our country.

“It’s a travesty to see any homeless veteran on the street, so if we can provide a warm place to stay, food, all of that at no cost to the veteran, then I think that’s our civic duty,” Finan said.

If you want to learn more about the organization or find out more information about donating or volunteering, visit their website.

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