New shopping center plans raising concerns among residents

WORCESTER COUNTY- Right in this area off of Route 50 in Worcester County, a new shopping center could be seen in the future.

“We cannot deny the necessity, the need or the desire for commercial development along route 50,” Chip Bertino, Worcester CO. Commissioner, said.

We’re told the Worcester County Planning Commission approved a broad sketch plan for the Coastal Square Shopping Center last week, that is anticipated to have many uses.

“The development of this parcel is significant because it’s going to really complete the connection of Samuel Bowen Boulevard and the intersection of route 50 and 589 for more traffic to be diverted off of 50 to service this corridor,” Jennifer Keener, Deputy Director for Development Review and Permitting, said.

But while the sketch was approved, some community members have some concerns.

One, being traffic.

“They are supposed to widen 589 eventually, but traffic can go all the way to 711 to route 50 on any summer night or busy day and I don’t agree with all the building,” Mark Thomas, a Worcester County resident, said.

“Those who are concerned about it have a legitimate concern and I believe that the state highways administration takes that concern very seriously,” Bertino said.

Also, some people don’t think more big box stores should be added to the area, they feel it takes away from small local businesses.

“We need to get back to the community, we need to let the people that suffered, the businesses that weren’t able to make money make the money, not bringing in someone new,” Ellie Bratten, a Worcester County resident, said.

“It;s going to end up being like a DC or Baltimore and we don’t want that, we want our small town,” Bratten said.

And while residents have voiced their concerns, the plans are not definite yet.

I’m told there are more meetings that need to be had.

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