Increased MD casino revenues are helping businesses and education

MARYLAND- After opening their doors during the pandemic, Maryland’s six casinos combined had their third- best month of all time when it comes to gaming revenues.

We are told together the casinos generated over $162 million dollars during April 2021.

This was an 11.6%  increase compared to April of 2019.

We’re told casinos started to reopen in June after being closed since March.

They said when they opened they were doing well, things slowed down in the winter, but picked up again.

And with business doing well, we’re told this revenue will contribute to helping support businesses and funds, like the Education Trust Fund.

“Performing even higher and beating their all time records in performance is hugely significant,” Gordon Medenica, Director for MD Lottery and Gaming, said.

“We are the fourth largest revenue stream for the state of Maryland, so it’s very important, it’s hundreds of millions of dollars from the casino side that primarily goes into education,” Medenica said.

We’re told this April over $50 million dollars was contributed to the Education Trust Fund, that’s over a 12% increase compared to April 2019.

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