DE House passes legislation aiming to reduce gun violence and protect domestic violence victims

DELAWARE- The House passed legislation Tuesday in Delaware aimed at reducing gun violence and protecting residents from domestic violence.

House Bill 124 is a modification to current existing laws about people prohibited from purchasing a firearm.

We’re told the person must know or have reason to know that they have a protective order against them or existing warrants.

It also closes a loophole by ensuring that anyone knowing this information can’t purchase, own, or possess a firearm.

We’re told one of the reasons this bill is so important is because many domestic violence related deaths in Delaware involved firearms.

“Any law enforcement will tell you the two most difficult situations they have are those that involved domestic violence and it seems to be a routine stop that turns into something else, so focusing this on domestic violence and ensuring that those people that maybe do have possession, don’t have possession,” Rep. Ruth Briggs King, said.

The House passed this bill unanimously.

It now goes over to the Senate.

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