DE Boys & Girls Club making a difference with drive-thru college fair

SEAFORD, Del.- Figuring out what college to attend can be stressful.

Even more so during the pandemic, when all of those resources aren’t as easy to access.

But, The Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club  are trying to change that with a drive-thru college fair.

“To have the opportunity to have the colleges come to directly to us and deliver this to the kids has been incredible,” Chris Couch, the executive director of The Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club, said.

We’re told this Seaford event is something new for them, and the need to provide families and their students with information they need to prepare and pay for college is especially crucial during this time.

“I think an event like this helps to dial that down and look we are going to get through this, there’s a way, there’s still going to be college, we’re going to help you get through, and I see that impact on kids in a positive way,” Chris Basher , the Chief Operating Officer of The Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club, said.

And we’re told with many high schools and colleges not holding their normal college fairs, events like this are helping to fill in that gap.

“Right now with the pandemic, you know travel its been challenging for families to go around,” Couch said.

“There lives are upside down, they’re not sure about anything, and going to college is already one of the biggest decisions you can make, and yet how can i even get there, some colleges still aren’t even open,” Basher said.

One high school student we spoke with said having events like these aren’t just helping her prepare for college, it’s also giving her inspiration for her future.

“Going to all these booths and meeting all these cool people and even listening to their stories helps me get an understanding of what colleges I can go to and even an idea on how I can create my own story, and help the youth one day when they need help with college,” Adasia Hawkins, a sophomore in high school, said.

The Boys and Girls Club said they’re committed to helping out with events like this in the future.

“This is only one component of what were trying to do in a bigger picture to help kids so we’re going to keep looking for where does the bridge need to be built between family and school and college,” Basher said.

We are told this event was made possible with the partnership of Navient and others.

There were two other drive thru college fair events that happened this month- one in Milford and the other in Newark.

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