DE Act on the table could expand services for victims of crimes

Delaware- Legislation was recently introduced in the General Assembly aimed at expanding services for victims of crimes.

House bill 182 seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of  The Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program.

That program administers compensation and provides financial aid to eligible victims of crimes.

Some of the expenses that money helps cover, include court, medical, funeral, and mental health counseling costs.

If passed, the act could put a heavy focus on helping individuals who have been victimized by human trafficking.

Something that is seen to be an increasing issue in parts of Kent and Sussex Counties.

 “We are all very aware of the significant financial crunch that families are going through and sadly many victims of these crimes come from very difficult economic situations in life, so any kind of support that can be helpful along those lines is needed,” Senator Ernesto Lopez, said

Senator Lopez who is a co-sponsor of the bill said the legislation should be getting a vote in the House of Representatives soon.

And then it will make its way to the Senate.

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