Commissioners approve $200K for the Cricket Center to expand resources, new building

WORCESTER COUNTY- The Cricket Center, which is the county’s only child advocacy center, will be getting much more grant funding this year.

The county commissioners approved to give the child advocacy center $200,000 of support.

We’re told traditionally they are given $10,000.

But this year changed things, since the center was donated land in Snow Hill to build a new building.

This will allow them to be more centrally located and give staff easier access to government buildings.

We’re told the space that they are currently in is too small, while the need for services is increasing.

“So, we definitely are looking at prevention work that we need to do in our community without having the space for that, it’s been a challenge for us to do that, but in our new space we’ll be able to add those services and work really hard on the prevention piece¬† not just reacting to abuse,” Wendy Myers, Executive Director for the Cricket Center, said.

Myers said the budget is not final until June 2.

And as of right now, the center is seeking more funders.

They don’t have a time yet on when ground would break for the building.

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