City officials address the ongoing housing and slumlord issues


CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Livable homes, that’s all the city of Cambridge is asking for, and city officials tell us, it’s long overdue. “It’s extremely important that we bring the livability standards up so our communities can thrive,” says President of Commissions, Lajan Cephas.

The city of Cambridge has reportedly been dealing with poor housing for years. With houses still standing from the early 1920’s, city officials say that’s not the problem, it’s the up-keep which hasn’t been maintained. After years of complaints, something is finally being done about it. “Essentially just making sure that our residents that are renters that live in Cambridge, they have a standard that’s comfortable,” says Cephas. “We’re not asking for the best we’re just asking for something that’s comfortable, that’s standard.”

The city put together a housing task force which came up with a ‘Cambridge Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.’ This will address ways to improve housing with current resources, as well as enact legislation to prohibit landlords from enabling these poor housing conditions. “Unfortunately we have a few landlords that haven’t historically had care for those conditions and that gives us the situation we have now where they’re well outside the safety and standards that we have as a city,” says Mayor of Cambridge, Andrew Bradshaw. “It’s really something that’s become a calling card and point of unity within that community, that people want to see this addressed and see better outcomes for people that reside here in the city.”

We spoke with residents who also share their frustrations. They say they want their city to be painted in a better light, and addressing the housing may just be the first step. “We just want everyone within the city of Cambridge the opportunity of better housing and a better living situation and a better chance at life,” says Cephas.

With all their efforts, they say they just want to make Cambridge a city where people want to live.

Cephas and Mayor Bradshaw tells 47 ABC, they should have legislation put together by the fall to formally address the ongoing housing issues.

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