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It’s still spring but temperatures will be heating up over the next several days. The forecast initially had Delmarva approaching 90 degrees late this week, but now it looks like it won’t be as hot as expected due to a back door cold front. It will still be warm and nice overall though. However, the heat may have just been delayed and not denied. Temperatures could approach 90° as we head into the weekend, especially on Sunday. Be sure to stay tuned to updates in the forecast. 

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Since we’re approaching summer, these warmer days will become more common, but we still haven’t hit 90 degrees yet this year. Taking a look back at the last five years in Salisbury, the first 90 degree day of the year varies.

2020: June 3rd (91°)
2019: May 26th (90°)
2018: May 12th (91°)
2017: May 17th (91°)
2016: June 12th (93°)

Although the first 90 degree day varies from year to year, on average, the first day it occurs in Salisbury is on May 24th. In Georgetown, the first 90 degree day is typically on May 26th. The first 90 degree day can happen quite a bit earlier than the average and later. In 2013, Salisbury made it to 90 degrees on April 13th, but in 2003 it wasn’t until June 24th.

Based off our latest forecast, it appears that our first real chance at hitting 90° this year is around the average date expected.

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