Agriculture experts say, now is the time to get strawberries before too much rain

DELMARVA – Strawberry season is in full swing, and some are wondering if strawberries will have a prosperous season considering the recent weather.

According to a local agriculture expert, strawberries actually love the dryer weather. Ginny Rosenkranz with the University Maryland Extension tells us, these types of fruit also thrive in warmer weather. She adds, as long as their roots are kept moist, they’re said to flourish.

However, Rosenkranz tells 47 ABC, as more rain comes the strawberry crops won’t be as successful. She says now is the best time to get those berries before more rain comes. “Most of the strawberry growers will go ahead and have what they call trickle irrigation so they have irrigation to the plants, so it’s on top of the ground but not on the leaves, not on the fruit,” says Rosenkranz. She adds, “Having really hot dry weather makes those strawberries get so ripe and so sweet that they are amazing.”

Rosenkranz also wants to remind readers to shop locally especially if you want strawberries.

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