Wicomico Co. Rotary Club met with the Eastern Shore Delegation to talk bills

SALISBURY, Md.- The room was filled at Evo, in Salisbury, Tuesday, as members of the Eastern Shore delegation met with the Wicomico County Rotary Club.

“It’s important for them to hear whats happening in our world and for us to understand better on how the bills are made,” Molly Hilligoss, Treasurer Of Wicomico Co. Rotary Club and Executive Director of Habitat For Humanity of Wicomico County, said.

Members of the rotary club asked the delegation about bills that were on the table and voiced their concerns about legislation.

This included issues about taxes, protections for small businesses, voter identification, and shortage of potential employees.

“We are able to share whats going on but we also certainly get feedback from the members sharing their concerns and also our opportunities to serve each of their interests,” Delegate Christopher Adams, said.

“It’s important because as you know we are sent to Annapolis by the people that we represent and i have always thought it to be necessary to engage and maintain a relationship with citizens,” Delegate Sheree Del. Sheree Sample-Hughes, said.

The Treasure of the club said having that one on one connection during this event was a positive.

“Especially here on the Eastern Shore, relationships are very important, and being a Rotarian and having this opportunity to get to know our elected officials is critical,” Hilligoss said.

And after hearing members concerns Tuesday, leaders said there is still work to be done- and they will continue to listen to the people.

“How will we handle the economy in the next 12 to 24 months because we think there are going to be some rough roads ahead,” Del. Adams said.

“There might be an opportunity to tweak some of that to be put in for next years legislation and to figure out how we can work together,” Del. Sheree Sample-Hughes said.

Hilligoss said after leaving the event she better understands the process on how bills get to committee, which will be helpful to her going forward.

Del. Sample-Hughes said during the event one thing she wishes they had time to expand on was what the legislature did to help businesses.

And Del. Adams said when talking about people getting back to work it is a concern, and they need to share with the state department of labor the need for work requirements.

If you want to join the rotary club, you can contact Hilligos by clicking here.

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