Talk of Vaccine Passports

As more Americans get vaccinated, they could be required to prove it.  The Biden administration has opted out of a vaccine passport mandate,  but the final say could lie in the hands of business owners.
Phil Houck,  Owner of Bull on the Beach,  tells me he doesn’t believe in adding more stress to an already stressful situation. “I’m a common sense kind of person and I hate to put a burden on my employees to make sure the card you’re carrying for the vaccine is a real one,” said Houck.

Houck also says the possibility of proof not being authentic could be an added burden to owners. “Think about that, you can get phony drivers license, you can get them phony too. And then the burdens on us. Then what happens if you do get sick and we get sued,” said Houck.

We asked community members what they think about this and some say this would be an invasion of privacy and that they don’t see themselves going anywhere a policy like this one would be in place. “I think we would probably just go somewhere else. Yeah, we would go somewhere else,” said Cheryl Fleming.

“I think once we get to herd immunity with the amount of people actually vaccinated that wont be so much of an issue, but to kind of make everyone 100% have to go ahead and show some type of validation that they got vaccinated, that doesn’t make too much sense for me. It kind of takes away your rights as an individual american,” said Tajir Singleton.

Some also say they wouldn’t mind showing proof  if it means protecting someone else. “I’ll feel okay with it. I mean because it’s saving my life and someone else’s life if they feel at risk,” said Gary Harper.

Now one of things that was interesting was that some of the people we spoke with say when it comes to airplane travel, that is an area that could see vaccination passports being required.  The owner of Bull on the Beach also agreed saying he could see them being needed if you wanted to fly outside of the country.

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