Taking Flight: Ocean Aviation Flight Academy lands new flight simulator

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Pilots in training at the Ocean Aviation Flight Academy are taking flight, but not in the sky.

“You’ll have the experience of actually flying in a real airplane, it’s as realistic as it gets,” Mike Freed, President and CEO of the academy, said.

He’s talking about getting that experience in a brand new, very realistic flight simulator.

“It lets us practice at things we might not do in an airplane, so we can take scenarios further along than we would when you’re learning to fly,” he explained.

Good Morning Delmarva anchor Deana Harley and Meteorologist Sloane Haines were lucky enough to have the chance to be pilots for the day, and got to experience all kinds of situations that a pilot may encounter while flying. You can experience bumpy turbulence, a thunderstorm, a snow storm, even potential engine failure. For the students training to get their time in the sky, being able to prepare for these situations is priceless.

“The students are fascinated by the simulator, we’ve had it now for 15 or 16 days, and the students are really happy with the experience they’re getting in it,” Freed said.

And it’s a tool that won’t only benefit students here on the Eastern Shore, but students in the sky all around the globe.

“We have students from every walk of life, we have students from the local area, we also have students coming from all over the united states,” Freed said. “We have students here from Italy, from France, from Paris, and we just had a student leave that was from South America.”

If you’re interested in taking to the sky, you can visit their website.

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