Officials break ground on new business campus said to bring hundreds of jobs


SEAFORD, Del. – In an effort to bring jobs, businesses and prosperity to the state of Delaware, the city of Seaford had an historical ground breaking ceremony for a new business park which officials say is going to make the town a great place to be. “These job opportunities that are going to come from this park, it’s an inspiration to us all,” says state Senator Bryant Richardson.

Governor John Carney and other city officials say the project has been in the works for the past three years. With the recent pandemic, the push for jobs and revenue couldn’t have come sooner. “The number one priority for us always is to make sure folks have jobs, people have jobs and everything else, and life gets a little bit easier during these difficult times,” says Governor Carney.

This project won’t bring in just a few jobs, city officials say this could potentially bring around 1,000 opportunities. They also say without these partnerships and prayers, none of this would have even happened. “The great thing about being apart of a small state like Delaware, we focus more on what we agree on and what we can get done together versus all that other mess,” says city of Seaford Mayor, David Genshaw.

KRM, a development corporation signed on with the city of Seaford to help with this project. Collaboration between the state, county, city and KRM has resulted in what city officials say is a pivotal point in Seaford. State Representative Daniel Short says, “We’re all willing to work together for the benefit of this area to prosper and to allow individuals like KRM to invest in this area and prosper as well.”

Officials tell 47 ABC, they hope to have some sort of infrastructure built within a year, but this is the start to a project that is said to bring a lot of success to the city and the state.

There is no official timeline for when this project will be done. KRM officials also say they are thrilled to become a part of the Seaford community and are looking forward to creating a business campus that will promote economic growth.

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