Mayor’s Crisis Awareness Challenge: helping vets with mental health resources

DOVER, Del.- The Mayor of Dover is trying to help those struggling locally with mental health, as the national suicide rate remains high.

Mayor Robin Christiansen is adding onto an initiative called The Mayor’s Crisis Awareness Challenge.

The initiative is being done in partnership with Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs.

Mayor Christiansen said the first part of the challenge was to end veteran homelessness.

He said that was successful and became a statewide program.

Mayor Christiansen said this time around he’s working with the commission to give veterans resources who may be dealing with mental health crises.

“As many as 22 veterans a day commit suicide for different reasons throughout the country, and we felt we had a responsibility to those veterans for once again for their service to our country to come up with a solution,” Mayor Christiansen said.

We are told the Mayor’s Crisis Awareness Challenge committee is made up of veteran advocates, mental health professionals, emergency personnel and volunteers.

The Mayor added that Dover has a large military population, so they feel that this initiative is important.

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