Maryland’s final day in session


MARYLAND – Lawmakers have reached the final day of their legislative session, with mostly fine-tuning left to do.

They had a productive three months, despite being slowed by pandemic precautions. With priority on pandemic relief and police reform already passed, lawmakers are focusing on finishing touches to send legislation to Governor Larry Hogan. That’s before their scheduled adjournment at midnight.

One of the measures left unresolved, the implementation of sports betting, which voters approved with 67%  support in November. Lawmakers are also dealing with ways to support small businesses, restaurants, addressing unemployment, housing and climate solutions.

One delegate shares with us his concerns as they finish their last day in Annapolis. “It seems they are more interested in Annapolis going after legal gun ownership than illegal gun ownership and I think the focus needs to be on the ladder before we do anything else,” says Maryland Delegate Carl Anderton,” Make sure folks have money coming in, so that way they can still afford to live their life.”

Delegate Anderton said, he is however excited to come back home after legislation and talk with voters as the eastern shore prepares for summer.

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