Making Delaware “cleaner, environmentally friendly, and a great place to be”

DELAWARE – State officials and environmentalist groups gathered to not only honor earth day, but to start the initiative to make Delaware a greener state. “We take an oath of office that requires us to respect the way of future generations to enjoy the rich historic and natural heritage of Delaware,” says state Governor John Carney.

Nature has been a key focus this year, and according to state officials, they have the pandemic to thank for that. Officials say this past year, they saw an uptick of over 70% more people visiting state parks and they want that to continue. With the ribbon cutting of the Killen’s Pond State Park Elevated Boardwalk, this is just a small part of the state’s overall goal. “We continue to look to add amenities that will keep our state parks the best parks in not only in the country but in the world,” says Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control secretary, Shawn Garvin.

Continuing with earth day events, Governor Carney, DNREC Secretary Garvin and Del-DOT joined Delaware Greenways and Delaware Tourism to celebrate the designation of the Delaware Bayshore byway as a national scenic byway, an honor that officials say, is monumental. “Today’s a great, today we celebrate a Delaware treasure becoming a national treasure,” says Steve Borleske, Chair of the Byway Management Team. Governor adds, “And having a state that’s beautiful that doesn’t have litter all over, where you can see that the people really care and love their natural environment and their state.”

Earth day’s events highlighted just a few of the events and initiatives the state is taking to welcome people to the state, promote environmental awareness, and allow Delawareans to connect with nature. Something officials say will only make Delaware a greater state to be in. “I think it’s really important for all of us to not only look at today, but really look at where we want our state and our planet to be in the future,” says secretary Garvin.

State officials tell 47 ABC, earth day events are just a small part of a larger plan to not only make Delaware a greener state but to attract more people. Governor Carney joined Secretary Garvin later on in the day to recognize the student winners from throughout the state who won this year’s Earth Day video contest hosted.

DNREC is hosting three more environments before the end of April. If you’re interested in following along with the work they’re doing just visit their website.

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