Governor Carney Issues 10th Revision to Omnibus COVID-19 Order, Eases outdoor table size restrictions in restaurants, Suspends DIAA masking regulations

DELAWARE — Governor John Carney issued the 10th revision to the COVID-19 emergency order, this time rolling back some restrictions for restaurants and sports in the state.

Restaurants will now be able to increase outdoor table sizes to 10 people. The governor says when it comes to indoor dining, table size restrictions will remain. Governor Carney’s 10th revision also removes certain requirements around surface cleaning and disinfection, reflecting advances in the scientific community’s understanding about how the virus is spread.

And moving on to sports, Gov. Carney also suspended DIAA masking regulations. This means student athletes participating in the interscholastic sports of baseball, golf, girls’ lacrosse, girls’ soccer, softball, tennis, and track and field, don’t have to wear a mask while practicing or when actively playing in a game.

Governor Carney remains optimistic about the virus saying “The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter every day.” In the meantime, he’s asking residents to stay vigilant, wear a mask when gathering with others outside your household, and avoid large gatherings where this virus can easily spread.

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