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Delmarva has had some extreme Easter weather in the past. Easter is this Sunday and our area will be experiencing some nice weather, but it hasn’t always been that way on the holiday.

It can get both hot and very cold on Easter. According to the National Weather Service, Easter, along with St. Patrick’s Day is the most variable of all the holidays when it comes to the weather. The warmest high temperature on Easter in Salisbury occurred back in 1976 with a temperature of 90°. The coldest high temperature was 33° in 1940. The coldest low temperature was 15° in 1923. About two in three Easters will have a high temperature between 52 to 79 degrees and a low temperature between 30 to 50 degrees. I would call that quite variable.

Salisbury has never recorded meaurable snow on Easter itself, however, 4 inches of snow was measured on Easter morning in 1915 after a snowstorm dropped 10 inches of snow the day before Easter that year. So it is possible to have a white Easter on Delmarva, but just a 1% chance.

Measureable precipitation occurs once in every three Easters, but heavy rainfall is pretty uncommon. Out of the last 100 years, only five Easters have recorded rainfall over one inch. The record is 1.61″ of rain in 1970. There’s only a 10% chance of rainfall of 0.50″ or more, but a 32% chance of rainfall of 0.01″ or more.

When it comes to Easter weather the past five years, it’s been variable just like the stats have shown.

Easter 2020 had a high of 74°, a low of 40°, and 0.11″ of rain.
Easter 2019 had a high of 65°, a low of 50°, and 0.00″ of rain.
Easter 2018 had a high of 65°, a low of 39°, and 0.00″ of rain.
Easter 2017 had a high of 86°, a low of 63°, and 0.00″ of rain.
Easter 2016 had a high of 58°, a low of 47°, and 0.02″ of rain.

When it comes to this year, here is a look at our Easter forecast. Enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe!

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