Delaware: Police Accountability NOW, new campaign to push for reform

DELAWARE- Putting on the pressure, Delaware civil rights and social justice groups launched a campaign this week in hopes of getting the General Assembly to get police reform passed.

“I think that’s what makes this very unique is that all of the organizations have been advocating for police reform but not collaboratively and coordinating with one another,” Mike Brickner, Exec. Dir. for the ACLU of Delaware, said.

The campaign is called, Delaware: Police Accountability NOW, made up of groups like the ACLU of Delaware and the NAACP of Delaware.

They’re hoping to pressure the Law Enforcement Accountability Task Force and other lawmakers to pass police reform before the end of session.

Including more transparency, standards for use of force, and for all officers to wear cameras.

“We’ve studied this issue for a year now, it is time now to act on these reforms and move them through the legislature as fast as we possibly can to make sure that they are enacted this year,” Brickner said.

While these groups plan to apply pressure, Representative Ruth Briggs King who serves on the the Law Enforcement Accountability Task Force, said she’s heard people say the task force isn’t moving quickly, but she said the process shouldn’t be rushed.

“We’ve always said from the beginning, this is a marathon, this isn’t a sprint and we want to do it and do it well,” Rep. Briggs King said. “We are peeling back the layers to really get to the center of the issues.”

Adding that, people should trust that they are doing the best they can to get the best results.

“Be patient and have faith, because those of us that are on this have said from the beginning we were picked because we were dedicated to having an outcome here,” Rep. Briggs King said.

Brickner said for this campaign they will be having public events, canvassing legislators districts, and having action alerts for people to contact their legislators.

Representative Ruth Briggs King said last week she had a subcommittee for the task force, and next week there will be another meeting with the full committee.

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