Women’s History Month: Salisbury Chief Of Police shares pathway to law enforcement and passion to serve

SALISBURY, Md. – In honor of Women’s History Month we are continuing to highlight women in the community who lead and have made a difference.

On Thursday, 47 ABC had the opportunity to sit down with Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan for a look at her life and her passion to serve the community.

Duncan tells 47 ABC her initial experience with policing came around the age of 16, when she participated in a ride along with a police officer in her community. At that time, she learned more about policing from that officer and why he chose that career path. That is when she says she knew this was the career she wanted to pursue.

Now that she is in the position to serve the community, she says it is important to who she is because it gives her the opportunity to provide something bigger than herself on a daily basis.

Although policing has been historically stereotyped as a man’s job, Duncan says that was the last thing on her mind because she was taught that when you want something you go after it, regardless of what may stand in your way.

“I have always focused on whatever the mission is and that has been the path that I have taken,” Duncan says. “That is not to say that diversity is not important, especially in law enforcement because the more perspective you can bring to a problem, the better solutions you are going to come up with.”

Her advice to aspiring police officers or those interested in law enforcement is to start a conversation with an officer and get some connectivity like through a ride along.

Duncan says she has been in the field of policing since January of 1989. In her 32 years of experience if she could take away 3 things she has learned it would be this: The importance of empathy and what it means, never to lose sight of your humanity, and not to take things personally.

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