The Clear Space Theatre Company moving forward with new venue plans

REHOBOTH, Del.- The Clear Space Theatre Company has some exciting news.

The Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission approved its site plan for the Rehoboth Avenue project where they will build a new venue.

The Executive Director said after the plan was approved in August the decision was appealed based on questions about the process.

He said the appeal was upheld and the decision was sent back to the planning commission.

And after a series of meetings of re-reviewing the site plan the theatre company finally has the green light to move forward.

“The next phases are to the building permit, the contractor starts moving the house off the property Monday, which is good news and then we will be going out to bid and look forward to starting construction,” Wesley Paulson, Executive Director, said. 

The executive director said he looks forward to providing a better experience for people coming to the theatre.

He added that hopefully the new venue will be finished by the of end next year.

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