The Brightside: Wienermobilia Collection

MILLSBORO, Del. – Clothing, buttons, plaques, even golf balls. Those are all items you can find with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on them, and one local man has one of the biggest collections of them you’ll ever find.

“This collection started in about 1986, roughly, 35 years ago, right after I retired from the military,” John Masters, the man behind the collection, said.

His enormous collection happened in a pretty random way.

“I was up at my dad’s place in Wisconsin, and found one at a thrift store kind of place, got home, found a couple more, and thought, ‘what the heck,’ so I started picking them up, and here they are,” John said.

And now there are dozens and dozens of items that John relishes bringing home. And if you’re thinking, how many things could really have the Wienermobile on them? Well, a lot.

“Post cards, books, watches, the vehicles themselves, pins, buttons,” John said.

From teeny tiny hot dog shaped figurines, to functional pedal cars tucked away in closets, two bedrooms in John’s home are filled with Wienermobiles from floor to walls to ceilings. And with all of that, of course I asked, he’s got to have a favorite, right? A most prized Wienermobile?

“No, not any one in particular,” he said.

But with this bun-derful collection, John says there’s always room for more, and he has no plans of stopping the collection anytime soon.

“I mean, as long as I got room here to display it or store it, it’s not a big problem or anything,” he said.

John says he’s always liked collecting different things, including model cars. And he tells us he has had the chance to ride in the Wienermobile, and that it even came to his house when he lived in Kansas.

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