Summer camps prepare to finally have kids back

DELMARVA – Many kids in the area have the ability to go to summer camps each year to let loose, learn and have some fun. However, due to the pandemic, camps were closed this time last year.

Now that it’s a new year, camp directors tell 47 ABC, they’re excited to reopen for summer camp. They do agree that they’re not sure what to expect this year considering the guidelines still in place.

“What we know so far is that camp is going to happen, but it is going to look very different than it has in past years,” says a Group Executive with the YMCA, Deanna Harrel.  However, Harrel says she’s just excited to reopen for the summer and give some kids some normalcy again. “We’re excited to have camp back again, I mean that’s an integral part of the Y, it’s part of our mission to be serving our youth in the community.”

Organizers with the YMCA’s summer camp say, having to cancel camp last year was a difficult decision. Harrel said she knows how eager kids have been in the past to go to camp, but she knows this year more than ever, they need it. Many camps say they aren’t sure what to expect this year as families have struggled financially, questioning if they’re able to afford it. “Any families that can’t afford the full camp fee, we do our best to help with that and offer scholarships for summer camp,” says Harrel. “We definitely expect that the need will be more this year because of the pandemic, and the loss of jobs.”

One local Delaware camp, Camp Arrowhead says, they are expecting their kids to be shell shocked, after spending this past year primarily on computers. We’re told their focus is to get kids socialized, while still following guidelines. However, most of the local camps agree that they’re excited to let kids, just be kids again.

“Kids really need the social outlet at camp, and because of all the stem activities and everything else we do, it even helps with learning loss so we want to keep them busy and challenge them this summer,” says Harrel. “It’s memories that last a lifetime, so some of the activities that they do here, they’re thing that they’ll keep with them for a long time.”

The director of Camp Arrowhead tells us, one of the big concerns is finding the staff to handle the children this summer. However, they do say they want to be cautious while giving their kids some relief.

Both camps say their registration is open, and you can find click here for YMCA’s summer camp and here for Camp Arrowhead.

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