Senior Send Off Event: Parents trying to spark joy into 2021 SDHS seniors’ lives

BERLIN, Md.- Lost experiences, that’s what high school seniors are going through right now as schools cancel events due to the pandemic.

“Normally, we would have homecoming, and prom and graduation, usually inside at the convention center normally, but this year its been a little bit different,” Emily Tilghman, a Stephen Decatur 2021 Senior, said.

For two Stephen Decatur Seniors, they said it’s hard knowing they aren’t getting to experience normal senior activities, one of those events being prom.

And for one mom, she said it isn’t easy to watch her daughter go through these changes.

“It’s heartbreaking, it breaks my heart that they don’t have what we remember as seniors,” Tracy Tilghman, Emily’s mom, said.

So, to try and spark some happiness into these seniors lives, Stephen Decatur parents came up with an idea.

They’d put on a Senior Send Off event where seniors can wear formal attire.

“Doing this little bit I just hope that that is what they remember from their senior year, and not the masks and social distancing,” Tracy Tilghman said.

The send off event will happen May 1 at the Windmill Creek Vineyard.

You can expect to see games, a dance floor, food, and more.

“I found out about the senior send off so I was immediately filled with so much happiness and joy,” Morgan Davis, a Stephen Decatur 2021 Senior, said.

“It’s really nice to just have something to look forward to, it’s been awhile,” Emily Tilghman said.

One of the owners of the winery said they are happy to donate their space for this event.

She added it’s great to see the community coming together in this way.

“I’m just thankful that you know other people in the community saw what we did and the opportunity and that they jumped in their to donate their time and services,” Jeannie Mariner, a owner of Windmill Creek Vineyard, said.

And when I asked these seniors what excites them most about this event, this is what they had to say:

“I’m just looking forward to seeing my class in a group again,” Emily Tilghman said.

“Like we see them in the hallways and we hangout with them after school, but it’s so different than actually being with them again,” Davis said.

We’re told they are looking for cash donations, beverages, and snacks.

If you want to learn more about this event, you can head to their Facebook Page, Adopt a Stephen Decatur Senior 2021.

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