Sen. Van Hollen and town discuss COVID-19 relief efforts

MARYLAND – U.S. Maryland Senator, Chris Van Hollen joined Maryland’s virtual town hall meeting to address priorities for the state. A main topic was ways to defeat COVID-19.

State officials and the senator discussed ways in which the state can use funding to help get through the rest of this pandemic. The meeting touched on direct relief for families and workers, defining essential workers, state wide access to water, and their direct efforts to work with the state treasury department.

The senator as well as district league members say, the laying out of resources and financial support is what is going to best help the state recover. “As we come out of this pandemic our economy is strong that we don’t have a long period of slow growth and long period of unemployment and we can be putting people back to work,” says Sen. Van Hollen.

The Senator also says without some of these plans in place, the state could living with higher levels of unemployment going into 2025. They also hope the recent signing of the American Rescue Plan will contribute to overall economic growth.

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