Poison Prevention Week: How to keep your furry friends safe

QUEENSTOWN, Md. – This week marks National Poison Prevention Week, so we spoke to a local vet to hear how you can make sure your pets are safe in your home and not eating anything that could harm them.

Dr. Marianne Bailey, the owner of the Queenstown Veterinary Hospital, says there are some things dog owners should make sure their four-legged friends steer clear of. That includes sugar free gum, because the xylitol in that gum is toxic to dogs. Dogs should also never be given grapes as those can cause severe kidney failure.

In general, Dr. Bailey says pet owners should keep chemicals away from pets, including rat poison.

But if you think your furry friend did ingest something, Dr. Bailey says there are some telltale signs that may show you it’s time to see a vet.

“Vomiting, or diarrhea, other things to watch for your pet would be like sudden or severe changes in behavior, so yesterday they were playing around normally, today my cat or my dog got into my purse and now he won’t get up and play, he’s not interested in going for a walk,” she said.

Dr. Bailey says in those situations, the best thing to do is call your vet, as they can usually tell you if it’s an emergency and your pet should be seen right away or if it’s something you should monitor at home.

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