Ocean City accepting applications for pollinator garden grants


OCEAN CITY, Md. – If you’ve got a green thumb and live in Ocean City, you could sign up to help support the environment there. The town is accepting applications for pollinator garden plants. Pollinators gardens are designed to attract pollinating insects, like bees and butterflies. “If we didn’t have the pollinators, we wouldn’t have any food. If we didn’t have any food, we wouldn’t have any animals. So, if we didn’t have any animals we wouldn’t have us,” said Environmental Engineer for the Town of Ocean City Gail Blazer.

Blazer says when people are selected to take part, they will be able to pick up seed packets to get started. She says not only does this beautify the area. It also helps the town keep their certification for the Sustainable Maryland program. “It really is something to get you started and to give you a starting point for enhancing your gardens down the road,” said Blazer.

Blazer says so far, they’ve been getting a pretty good response and spots are filling up fast. She adds that folks who want to get involved but live outside of Ocean City can also plant pollinator gardens through other organizations. The Lower Shore Land Trust and Assateague Coastal Trust are also helping people set up pollinator gardens to help with their fundraising efforts.

For more information about Ocean City’s pollinator garden program, click here. You can also reach Blazer at GBlazer@OceanCityMD.gov.

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