New Integrative Ph.D. Program at DSU

DOVER, DE. – A new Ph.D. program at Delaware State University will provide students with more than just a degree.

The university’s Broad of Trustees approved the Integrative Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Science program that will combine traditional research and professional development. Faculty in various department of the College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology (CAST) will provide mentorship and training to students.

The program centers around research. Students will learn about a wide range of topics that fall under agriculture, food, and environmental science. 

By making the doctoral program integrative, it will also be inclusive of all research faculty in CAST, including disciplines that don’t currently provide Ph.D. level research training. “A Ph.D. program will bring a lot of resources for us as well moving forward because some funding agencies only support much higher professional development like PhD. So this will provide us an opportunity to apply for grant funding to enhance our program,” said Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources Gulnihal Obzay.

Students will have two advisors from different areas of Science to give them a broader perspective of the discipline. “Chemistry people for instance. If their research doesn’t fit into applied chemistry and they wanted to do something more related to interactions between agriculture and chemistry, they could do it,” said Obzay.

A unique feature of the program is that students will be required to spend time in areas like housing and finance. This was added so that students can not only have knowledge in their area of interest, but know how other units of the university function as well. “They are going to learn something new and we would like to give them that good experience so that they’re getting the whole learning package. We have to establish a community of learners,” said Professor Obzay. 

Professor Obzay also says the faculty behind the program are passionate about what they do and look forward to the future. “We have put our hearts and late nights to work on this program. I think it makes a big difference when the faculty and administrators volunteer, they really dedicate themselves for something they believe in,” said Dr. Ozbay.

DSU says that the Ph.D. program in Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science will be launched in the Fall 2021 and students can enroll soon.




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