Local doctor brings awareness to Colorectal cancer


DELMARVA – As National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is coming to its end, a local doctor and patient are bringing awareness to the disease.

Manish Singla, MD of Capital Digestive Care in Delmar, Maryland says he had a patient who put off getting routine colonoscopies for years. When the patient finally went in for a check up, he learned he had been living with colon cancer for more than five years.

Local doctors are now pushing those over 45 to get their routine check-ups, because they could be life changing.

“Rather than avoiding sort of the uncomfortable conversations that are involved with colon cancer, poop, procedures, or seeing your doctor during a pandemic, just talk to us,” says Dr. Singla. “Maybe this is a good time to start seeking routine care.”

If you want to learn more about colon cancer, symptoms or if you’re at risk, just visit this website.

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