Live Green: Hook Family Farm

ROXANA, DE– A local farm in Roxana, Delaware is hooked onto growing their produce organically, sustainably and responsibly. Check out this week’s Live Green with Hook Family Farm.

Hook Family Farm in Roxana, Delaware started as a family garden that was producing more food than they could consume, which is why four years ago they partnered with other local farms and businesses to sell their produce. It’s all part of a Community Supported Agriculture program, also known as a CSA.

“You know your farmer. You know where your food is coming from. How it’s being produced, whether they are using chemicals or not, if that’s an important factor for you. It is for myself and for others that I know,” says Sheena Vanderhook.

The owner tells us that a CSA forms a partnership between farmers and their consumers as they become stakeholders in the farm, which is why Hook Family Farm encourages their clients to visit and see how they handle their produce to be transparent about farming practices.

“It’s very impressive to people that we only grow on a quarter acre of land. We grow very bio-intensively, which means we use sustainable practices to grow our food,” explained Vanderhook.

By growing bio-intensively, Hook Family Farm is able to grow a lot of food in a small space, while maintaining soil health through organic farming practices to sustain their farm for years to come.

“We grow all organically on our farm. We pretty much don’t use much, but anything we do use is omni certified and researched to ensure they do not have any side effects,” said Vanderhook.

Other ways Hook Family Farm cares for the soil are by rotating crops each season and no till farming, which means they do not drill into the soil, to ensure they do not cause soil erosion, in order to keep Hook Family Farm green all the way to its roots.

In addition to their CSA program, Hook Family Farm created their Let Love Grow Program, which donates a box of produce to a family in need each week, to find out how you can help please visit their website.
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