“It was basically out of our hands:” Chincoteague Vol. Fire Comp. responds to canceling pony penning

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va.-  The Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company said having to cancel the carnival and pony penning this year was absolutely gut wrenching.

Denise Bowden, with the fire company, said they didn’t want to plan and spend money when they didn’t know if Governor Ralph Northam would lift restrictions.

They said they are beyond saddened that this will be another year where they can’t meet and greet people.

But she wanted the community to understand this is something they needed to do for everyone’s safety.

“When we made the announcement yesterday there was a tremendous amount of support, and there was also a little bit of backlash, I just want to get over to the people that it was basically out of our hands, we cant do anything until our governor says we can do it,” Bowden said.

Since they had to do the event virtually last year, event organizers said they’re better prepared for this year.

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