First hand look: Angry Axe & Rage Room opens in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – The pandemic has kept a lot of us in our homes, feeling a bit trapped and stressed. So one Salisbury business recently opened that is truly the perfect place for you to relieve all of that stress. Good Morning Delmarva’s Deana Harley and Meteorologist Sloane Haines got the chance to check it all out.

Glass smashing, metal banging, and scraps flying, that’s what you’ll find inside of the rage room at Angry Axe and Rage Room in North Salisbury.

“People can come here and release all the anger and everybody that beats stuff up, after 15 minutes, they’re gasping for breath and they’re laughing and like ‘I just released everything I wanted to release,'” John Parsons, the co-owner, said.

And it truly is so satisfying smashing lamps, and mirrors, and bottles. Parsons says that’s the entire point: to relieve built up stress and anxiety.

“The rage room was based off of mental health, and addiction, because of covid, a lot of people are getting frustrated, anxiety, anger issues with everything going on,” he said.

But before you get to start swinging, you have to suit up in some safety gear, complete with a full body suit, eye goggles and helmet for when glass goes flying. And in a pandemic, we of course asked how they’re keeping you safe in terms of your health, too.

“We only allow a certain amount of people to come in here, you have to wear your mask, we disinfect everything that people touch, and so on and so forth, you have to stay six feet apart,” Parsons said.

If suiting up and smashing glass isn’t your thing, maybe throwing axes is! And they’ve got room for that, too.

“We went down to North Carolina to see my son in the Marines, and we went to throw axes there and had a ball, so we came here looking to find it, and nobody had it, so we said, ‘build it, they will come,'” Cat Curran, the co-owner, said.

So whether you want toss some metal at pieces of wood, or swing some baseball bats at an old typewriter, the owners here say they just want to see you have a good time.

“It brings me a lot of joy to see people smiling and laughing, and just to get the anger and stress out that a lot of society is going through right now, so just to see them go at it, have fun,” Parsons said.

Oh, and, if you’re there and see a parrot, that’s just Skyler, the owner’s pet and the building’s new mascot.

If you want to book your time slot, you can do so by searching Angry Axe and Rage Room on Facebook, or simply by calling them. Curran tells us their website should be up sometime soon, and then you’ll be able to book on there as well.

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