Eating disorders during a pandemic

DELMARVA – A common focus during this pandemic has been mental health. Between job loss, sickness and of course a pandemic, people are struggling. Now some health professionals are reporting a larger concern with eating disorders.

Nutritionist say, with children not in school and more people at home, it’s harder to notice if someone is struggling with an eating disorder. People sometimes turn to food for comfort, especially during difficult times. Then they feel guilty about it later on, which can create an unhealthy relationship with food.

Mental health officials and nutritionist both preference the need to reach out to someone if they feel as if they’re struggling with their relationship with food.

“We all need food, we all need to eat it doesn’t matter what you ate yesterday, today your body still needs food your body still needs nourishment,” says Caitlin Self, a functional nutritionist with Balance Point Wellness. “Care for yourself, show yourself a little bit of love and treat yourself and your body with grace, this has been an impossibly difficult year for everyone.”

Mental health professional say to look out for some key signs in people who may be struggling with food. Those signs could be how they talk about food, such as not eating something because they believe it makes them gain weight.

To learn more about signs of an eating disorder, or to talk to a mental health professional just call Balance Point Wellness at (410) 800-2169.

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