Cottage food items now allowed at Salisbury’s Third Friday

SALISBURY, Md. – Third Fridays are making a comeback to downtown Salisbury next month, and if you’ve been whipping up some goodies in your kitchen during quarantine, you finally have the chance to sell that stuff at the events.

They’re called cottage food items, and that includes non-potentially hazardous food that you can make in your own home including breads, pies, cakes, even tea blends.

Jamie Heater, the producer of Third Fridays, says organizers have been thinking of letting people sell these items for a while, but they always decided against it because they wanted to draw people into downtown businesses to buy those goods.

But, she says, with covid keeping more and more people at home, she thought it was the perfect time to let people show off what they can do.

“We’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, but covid really made it make even more sense now that there’s so many people that have been in their homes, making exploring new hobbies, baking or creating, and we just think it would be a good addition,” she said.

Heater says there is an extra application process if you want to sell these items and there are restrictions on what exactly you can sell. If you’re interested in selling something or want more information, you can visit the Third Friday website.

The event kicks back up on April 16th right in Downtown Salisbury.

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