Athletic trainers step it up in Delmarva’s return to play

Local trainers play significant role in COVID era sports

SALISBURY, Md- As high school athletes re-take the field this spring in Maryland, there are a few unsung heroes really making things happen behind the scenes.

Parkside head athletic trainer Cindy Riley and J. M. Bennett head athletic trainer Kelly Rose are two of many behind the scenes, sacrificing longer days and practicing extra precaution and protocols to ensure our student athletes are able to return to action safely.

“Sports in a pandemic is a lot of paperwork. There is a lot more prep, and a lot more background work,” said Riley. ” But whatever it takes to have athletics I’m all about it.”

The trainers are just some of many school staff members doing more than expected to get the kids back doing what they love.

“It sounds cliche but just being out seeing kids laugh and talk again, like that’s been 100% worth it,” said Rose.

On top of an already heavy work load, the trainers now are responsible for other pandemic-related things, such as daily attendance (for tracing purposes), temperature checks, washing practice equipment, and sanitizing locker rooms and equipment daily. But they wouldn’t change it.

“I think overall its worth it,” Riley explained. “If people are patient and we ride this storm, I think we’re gonna get back. If we don’t start somewhere, we’re just gonna be nowhere.”

March is National Athletic Training Month. Many schools and students have taken the time out to honor these unsung heroes.

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