A bill to fine people for not cleaning off snow and ice from their vehicles


DELAWARE – State legislators are considering a bill that would make it a law that people have to clean snow and ice off their vehicles before driving. Senate Bill 64 would create a civil penalty for violation for those who fail to remove snow and ice from their vehicles.

Bill sponsors also tell 47 ABC, the act creates a civil penalty for times when snow or ice dislodges from a moving vehicle and causes property damage, or physical injury. Delaware department of transportation says, it’s a hazard to drivers. They say chunks of snow and ice flying off moving vehicles can cause people to swerve, and lose site of the roadway, which can cause accidents like it has in the past.

Charles McLeod, Director of Community Relations with Delaware Department of Transportation says, “We’re always trying to encourage folks to take a few extra minutes it’s just a good courteous way to keep other motorists around you safe especially during these winter storms.” Primary bill sponsor, Senator Bryan Townsend adds, “Try to make sure it’s addressed as much on the front end as possible. And people are just simply not driving down the road especially at higher speeds with ice and snow flying off their car in big chunks period.”

The bill was introduced and assigned to transportation committee in the Senate and will be heard again on Wednesday. Sen. Townsend also says he hopes this bill will pass by June 30th.

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