Universities lay out plans to return back to campus amid the pandemic

MARYLAND – Universities and colleges across Delmarva are allowing students to return to campus. A few have even announced their plans in regards to how to return to in-person amid the pandemic.

Salisbury University says they’re one of the only schools on Delmarva that made it through the whole semester with in-person learning. They say their students were able to follow procedures and guidelines, making it easier to continue with their educational plan.

SU and UMES both released statements that touched on guidelines for going back to school, as well as their plan for continuing education during these difficult times. SU also says there are now more variants to be mindful of but, their plan is to get all students back on campus full time. Universities say they are working closely with the health department to make the smartest decisions.

“We think, we hope that by fall we’re going to be able to offer classes in person face to face to the vast majority of the student population,” says Salisbury University spokesperson, Jason Rhodes. “Our fall plan is in place assuming all of that remains in place so as long as our students adhere to those protocols, as long as there no vast COVID-19 in Salisbury.”

If you’re an SU or UMES student, you can check out their website to stay up to date with all COVID-19 guidelines and procedures when returning to campus.

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