The Brightside: Two Delaware students named to prestigious music ensembles

DAGSBORO, Del. – Hitting the high notes and not missing a beat, two high school students from Indian River are representing Sussex County in not one, but two highly prestigious musical ensembles. They both say it’s proof that as long as you work hard, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

“I’ve been singing forever, I’ve loved to sing since I was a little girl, but professionally, with classical training, I’ve been singing since about my freshman year of high school,” Abby Wilson, a senior at Indian River High School, said.

And all of that singing has paid off for Abby, who was recently named to the All National Ensemble and the All Eastern Ensemble, a choir and band ensemble made up of the best of the best.

“I was over the moon when I got the email saying oh my gosh, you’ve been named to all national,” she said.

And while she’s showing off her talents and not missing a beat, she’s in good company. Gus Fadden, also a senior, is no stranger to the All National Ensemble. After making the list as a sophomore back in 2018, he says he’s excited to be named to the prestigious group once again, as well as to the All Eastern Group. He says it’s a testament to his hard work that all started years ago with his mom making him practice daily.

“I think that was really where it started, this sense of responsibility and consistency of doing that little bit of practice every single day,” Gus said.

The final concert for the ensemble is different this year because of the pandemic. Abby will submit videos of herself singing and Gus will do the same playing his instrument, and those videos will be added to a compilation with the other participants to make one final virtual concert. Despite the change, both students say they’re just happy to represent Sussex County, and leave their own mark on their school.

“You don’t need a million dollar auditorium, you don’t need a ridiculously well-funded music department, you don’t need kids that go to all national every year, you don’t need ten of them that are making it constantly, you just need to work hard, and do your best, and have fun with it and you’ll go far,” Abby said.

As seniors preparing to leave high school, both Abby and Gus tell us they do plan to continue their musical endeavors after high school.

The final concert for the ensemble will premiere on April 23rd at 8:30 p.m. during the National Association for Music Education’s virtual conference.

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