Tax season tips after a pandemic year

DELMARVA – As tax filers head into the 2021 tax season, many say there is some confusion as to what resources are available this year that would best help them recover from this pandemic.

Matthew Bossle, a senior accountant at Twilley Rommel & Stephens: Twilley Jr Robert B. CPA  says, this year there are more opportunities compared to recent years to get money back.

Some opportunities are that people will be able to get money from both stimulus payments if you had a baby in 2020, and that you can now take out deductions for charitable contributions.

Bossle also says, if you’re self-employed you are able to take a personal sick and family leave credit if you couldn’t work due to COVID. He also adds, there are many opportunities to look out for when filing taxes.

“You can maximize your earned income or your stimulus payment by either filing your 2020 tax returns were you have lower income and get that difference where you didn’t get it during summer of 2020,” says Bossle.

Bossle also tells 47 ABC, if you are filing taxes you should expect delays in getting refunds due to the pandemic.

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